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Avaya Support in Dubai

Avaya Support Services & AMC

Your Avaya IP Office solution enables seamless voice, video, and mobile communications for team and customer engagement. But when a telephone system ran in to trouble or need immediate addons  then a reliable support is an immediate requirement. It is vital  for a business to stay connected in modern business era. We help business to be stay connected with their Avaya telephone system by offering Avaya support and Avaya Maintenance contracts. VDS offer support for Avaya telephone system in Dubai as well as other emirates in UAE. We help business across UAE with the following Avaya Services.

  • Diagnosing a Avaya problem

  • Avaya Programming

  • Avaya Installation

  • Avaya Training

Avaya Support Dubai

Avaya Maintenance Contract

Why you need a Avaya Maintenance Contract

Nothing beats the telephone system when it come to business communication.Telephone system  is the primary way to keep in touch with current customers. What happens if it doesn’t?  What are the true costs to if your business if your customers cannot contact you or you cannot contact them? . Our Avaya support contracts are designed to maintain your telephone system with minimum down time. We have the expertise to deal with your avaya issues quickly and efficiently.

Standard AMC Cover for Avaya System

Standard Cover

– Hours 09.00-19.00

– Days Saturday to Thursday

– Response Speed Within 4 Hours for Critical system failures

– Within 16 Hours for Non-Critical failures

We provide Avaya maintenance contract to companies throughout UAE includes all the emirates.Our Avaya maintenance contract provide complete peace of mind to business owners or manager as  your essential business communication functions are covered. Our avaya service contracts are reasonably priced and will ensure that business downtime is minimized.




Avaya Support in Dubai

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Best IP Telephone System Dubai

 Best IP telephone system

The advancement in VOIP technology made the IP based telephone systems to be a cool solution for the businesses. The benefits of the system is that the you need not be worried of the cabling and other hitches that you normally face during the conventional telephone installation. In the VOIP system the communication is being carried out through the broadband line. Hence the IP telephone system is said to be very practical and economical. Deciding on the right and best IP telephone system is really a challenging Job. Once you have decided to implement IP telephone system for your business, not only that you need to think about the present requirements but the future needs also be taken into consideration. Organizations have good reasons to embrace telephone systems. Whatsoever the reasons, it is your responsibility to have the communication infrastructure with the advanced telephone systems. You have a broader option of IP telephone systems in the market, but the selection of suitable system is really tough. The fact is that the VoIP phone service is the ultimate solution that you have been looking for!

What are the benefits of using IP telephone system for your business?

The advantages that one can expect from the VOIP systems are cost savings, flexibility, sound quality and other highlights including call forwarding, call waiting, caller identification, automatic redial and conference calls to name a few. Let’s look how it is beneficial with regard to the above defined factors.

Cost savings; The IP telephone system initially seem to be a costly investment. But the reality is that it is an effective system that allow you to save money and time. It also eliminate initial set up and installation cost.

Sound quality: IP telephone systems delivers exceptional quality of sound. With the same quality of sound you can make even long distance calls. Unlike the traditional phone networks, the chance of occurring calls dropping is less.

Flexibility: With the remote extension features and all, you can ensure that you can be reached wherever you are. This is an important factor for the business owners who are on the move and are worried about picking the calls.

Best Telephone System DubaiMost of the IP systems are designed to address the various need of your business. With the user-friendly operating features any one can easily use the system. Due to the benefits it offers an IP telephone system is obviously a worth to your organization. The other benefits that these systems does offer includes

  • Voicemail

  • Phone displays

  • Auto attendant

  • Speaker phones

  • Branch office support

  • Call return

  • Call forwarding

  • Call waiting

  • Conference calling support

  • Easy integration with the CRMs and other applications

  • Unlimited VOIP service

  • Remote phone use

  • User friendly graphical user interface

Features may vary depending on the brands. You have lot of options when it comes to the selection of the VOIP systems. Some of the biggest brands who are particularly involved in the manufacturing of advanced systems includes Grandstream, Panasonic, Yeastar, CISCO, NEC, Samsung, LG-Ericsson, Sangoma, Avaya and more. The features that these systems providing are really worth to business of all sizes. Therefore once you have finalized your decision you can approach an experienced IP telephony provider for the selection of best IP telephone installation in Dubai.

How the IP system will be beneficial for your business in Dubai?

  • What it seems to the users initially that these systems are difficult to handle and implement. But the truth is otherwise – IP telephone system is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. It can be well managed through the use of Web based programs that makes even a novice person to use it without any frustration.

  • As the VOIP systems doesn’t require any cabling the systems can be easily accommodated. It do not create any mess up in the office infrastructure. As these are based on software, adding and assigning the users simply require a change in the configuration set up only.

  • With the remote functions and the conferencing facilities available in the IP telephone systems, the need for sending employees to branch office can be eliminated. Additionally, the customers and staffs can feel that they are communicating face to face meeting. And with the advanced messaging features such as the IVR, the company can leave out a message to customer incase the contactable person is not available.

  • As the calls are being floated through the internet, the business can save much on the call costs.

Technology has exactly changed the way the business communicates. In the evolving business world, failure to accept progressive technology means you are far behind than your competitors. Communication sector stand to gain the most with these systems, letting the companies to be more productive and proficient. To compete with the digital skills most companies are investing into restructuring the existing infrastructure or building a new one with the advanced telephone systems. Now it is essential – to gain a leading edge in the industry – to implement and measure with the trending communication systems.

Good solutions for a better future

If you think now is the right time to deploy or restructure your business communication systems. Our various solutions are in offer for you. Please contact us for a reliable TELEPHONY solutions in Dubai. As the leading IP telephone system distributor in Dubai, we deal with all types of PBX systems and solutions across the entire UAE region. We make you available all the feasible solutions that stands out with the branded conferencing systems and more. We plan, implement and incorporate the conference systems and the IP telephone systems that suits your business atmosphere making your business more dynamic. Our services are available in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well. So why hesitate to extend your decision on implementing with the leading Telephone Company in Dubai. Our IP conference solutions are intended to be as simple as you need.

Best IP Telephone System Dubai

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Yeastar S20 PBX System

Yeastar S20 IP PBX in Detail

Yeastar S20 is a stand -alone telephone system supplying an incomparable series of features to small business with much less compared to 20 individuals. It supports 10 concurrent telephone calls as well as different combinations of telephony ports consisting of FX S, PSTN, ISDN BRI, as well as GSM/ CDMA/ 3G. Powered by the newest CPU technology. The S20 represents Yeastar’s core principals of cost while remaining trustworthy, very easy to managed, and also virtually maintenance free. Developed for the small business, the configuration for the S Series is relatively simple.Yeastar’s S-Series PBX is a depend on worthwhile telephone system with one of the highest MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) in the industry. Based on Asterisk 13, S-Series is born to be powerful and also always satisfying your demands.  Yeastar MyPBX S20 is one of the best office telephone system suited for SMB.

Yeastar S20 PBX DubaiThe S20 is facilitated to make use of as well as configure many thanks to the built-in web GUI Yeastar has developed.Based on the Linux system, this GUI enables individuals to make the most of the effective Asterisk 13 operating system that powers their S20 or various other S series models.Depending on your priority level, you can customize the system to send out emails for straightforward problems: a straightforward e-mail can be sent for when an individual is incapable to login or locks their account, however business broad SMS messages can be sent to all individuals when the system fails totally.

Yeastar S-Series IP PBX gives adaptable telephony interfaces mix while permitting future scalability with the special modular design. Besides the built-in abundant SIP abilities, S-Series allows you determine exactly what types of expansions and also physical trunks you require in your telephone system.With Yeastar S20 IP PBX, all the telephony interfaces are modular and also customizable, whether it’s FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI or GSM/3G. Yeastar S20 has 2 onboard module ports, that allow you to connect your module of choice.

Yeastar S20 Specification

  • 20 users and 10 concurrent calls

  • 2 Card Slots and maximum 4 Analog, 4 BRI, and 1 GSM

  • Built-in call recording capability

  • Includes 20 SIP Trunks

  • intercom/ Paging

  • Include auto provisioning and LDAP

  • Licence Free Structure

  • Fax to email

  • Mobility extension

  • IVR

  • SIP forking

  • Voicemail to email

  • Find Me/Follow Me

  • Call Monitor

  • Call Detail Records (CDR)

  • Video Calls

  • User Privileges




Yeastar S20 PBX System

Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S100 PBX System in Detail

Yeastar S100 is a powerful IP-PBX that could regulate your Office telephone system for 100 users and 30 concurrent calls nd can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls.The Yeastar S100 S-Series overall supplies an array of elements and also brand-new functions that need to assist consumers to delight efficient communications.Affordability, dependability, performance, as well as protection, are amongst the worthy of the S100.The Yeastar S100 Hardware consist of commercial top quality Freescale CPU (the i.MX 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core) to handle the places people have the tendency to place PBXs like warm closets, oil well, and storage facilities as well as factories. The DDR3 1GB RAM and also 8 GB flash memory is enough to handle the complicated communication web traffics in a busy workplace.

Yeastar S100 Dubai

With the latest software upgrade to Asterisk 13 which is packed with new features, the Yeastar S-Series delivers greater productivity improvements for your business, and with no ongoing software subscription costs, ever. S100 is a cost-effective business communication system with a base configuration of 100 users and 30 concurrent calls and can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. The flexible S100 comes with support for analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM networks.

The flexible Yeastar S100 features assistance for analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM networks. Yeastar S100 sustains expanding up to 2 Expansion boards (not included in the basic system) and also supports expanding one DSP module (not included). Powered by the newest cpu technology, Yeastar’s S-Series PBX is a count on worthy telephone system with one of the highest MTBF (Mean Time In between Failings) in the industry.

Available Modules

O2 Module: 2 FXO

SO Module: 1 FXS / 1FXO

S2 Module: 2 FXS

B2 Module: 2 BRI

GSM Module: 1 GSM

EX08 Module: Expansion Module for Above Cards

D30 Module- Increase The capacity of the system by 30 more concurrent calls and 100 more users.[ Support One D30 in S100]

EX30 Module – Support One E1/ PRI Line [ Support Two EX30 in S100]

Yeastar MyPBX S100 Specification

  • 100 users (expandable to 200)

  • 30 concurrent calls (expandable to 60)

  • Up to 6 GSM Modules

  • Up to16 BRI Ports

  • Music on hold

  • Call Recording

  • Call Detail Records (CDR)

  • 10,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage

  • Add optional modules to activate additional ports up to 16 Analog, 16 BRI, 6 GSM, and 2 E1/T1/J1

  • 2 interfaces for expansion cards (EX08 1 PRI card or EX30 mounting card for 4 modules)

  • 100 SIP trunks

  • Automated attendant (IVR)

  • Conference

  • Fax to Email

  • Video Calls

  • Follow Me

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Auto-provisioning, LDAP, and more



Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S300 IP PBX

Yeastar S300 Features in Detail

Designed with the small and medium-sized companies in mind, Yeastar S300 can handle up to 500 users as well as designed making use of the new technology. Yeastar S300 supplies phenomenal cost savings, efficiency as well as effectiveness, providing power, quality and also assurance. You can save time with easy installation as well as easy to maintain because Yeastar’s S300 PBX can be configured easily with auto-configuration, auto-detect as well as plug-and-play capabilities.

Yeastar S300 Dubai

Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX offers versatile telephony user interfaces mix while permitting future scalability with the special modular design. Besides the integrated rich SIP capacities, S300 allows you to decide exactly what types of extensions and physical trunks you require in your telephone system. When your business expands, including more customers as well as simultaneous calls is also possible with S300. With Yeastar S300 all the telephone user interfaces are modular as well as adjustable, whether it’s FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G, or E1/T1/PRI. The System capacity can additionally enhance with D30 Cards.D30 is a DSP component, utilized to expand the capacity of PBX. With each D30 module included, the extensions increase 100, as well as boost 30 in additional concurrent calls.

Powered by the newest processor innovation, Yeastar’s S300 PBX is a count on deserving telephone system with one of the highest possible MTBF (Mean Time In between Failings) in the industry. Based on Asterisk 13, S300 is born to be powerful and regularly fulfilling your communication needs.With progressed failover, safety and security, surveillance and reporting capacities as typical, incorporated with an interior firewall and also with support for TLS and SRTP file encryption, there has actually never been such a robust system.It is the best telephone system to choose as your office telephone system.

Yeastar MyPBX S300 Specification

  • 300 Users (expandable to 500)

  • 30 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 120)

  • Up to 3 E1/T1/PRI Ports

  • Up to 24 BRI Ports

  • Up to 24 FXS/FXO Ports

  • 3 interfaces for expansion cards (EX08 1 PRI card or EX30 mounting card for 4 modules)

  • 1U rack mountable

  • 10,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage

  • Call Recording

  • Call Monitoring

  •  Call Detail Records

  • CRM Integration Capability

  • Email to SMS/SMS to email

  • Paging / intercom

  • Mobility extension

  • Voicemail to email

  • Music on hold

Yeastar S300 IP PBX

Phone System Installation

Business Phone System Installation

Whether you need a simple system or a complex high user count phone system,  VDS can design it for your office or business.Our solutions and expert installation make communication with your client or co worker seamless.When it come to phone system installation why trust anyone other than a integrator with experience & In house expertise. At VDS , we know our products, and we have the best-qualified technicians to service them.

Industry Leading Products

We carry industry’s leading telephony products to fullfill your business requirement. We can provide best telephone system installation service available in Dubai.We are a company with experience  in telecommunications exclusively. Unlike data and networking companies that make business phone systems as a sideline, VDS sets the standard in design of quality products for corporate communications. As a result, we now hold the largest share in several segments of the telecom market in Dubai, UAE



With Office phone system installation from VDS, you won’t be dealing with a call center or a third party. As a locally-owned company, we offer the fast, personalized service that you would expect from a Telephone company  with the experience and resources.. For the best phone system installation in Dubai, UAE, go with the company that offers the personal touch, you only get from an established local business.


Contact us today for avaya installation , nec installation, panasonic installation , dlink pbx installation, yeastar installation , mypbx installation, cisco installation and zycoo installation for Dubai.

Phone System Installation

Nec Pbx Dubai


As one of the world s greatest telecommunication companies, NEC’ s portfolio of systems delivers the best technology can offer. NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from the greater productivity today’s phones provide. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems and softphones help  worker quickly and reliably access tools, information and individuals anywhere and at anytime. The many customisable options and advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses even more flexibility in how they communicate

Nec SV8300

NEC-SV8300The UNIVERGE SV8300 communications server is the ideal system for medium-sized businesses that wish to compete and grow their businesses over time. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs both now and in the future.

  • Support of up to 1536 stations and 512 trunks

  • 19” stackable chassis architecture

  • Scalability for the growing business

  • Support for VoIP and traditional voice

  • Enhanced centralized management

  • Enables Unified Communications integration.

Nec SV8100

NEC-SV8100-DUBAIThe SV8100 is a unique communication Server solution for small to medium size business as up to 500 users. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.The SV8100 Communications Server offers a scalable, reliable, full-featured communications solution to meet a growing business’s needs.Deployment of a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology is supported on a single SV8100 system.The SV8100 offers centralized management of phones, data systems and platforms; moves, adds and changes of SV8100 phones are quick and easy. Just plug any phone into any jack wherever it is needed and it is ready to go.

  • Unique interchangeable handset design

  • Unique Net link survivability between branches

  • Unique Bluetooth handset

  • Modular architecture for economical scalability

  • VoIP and traditional voice support

  • Aggressively priced

  • Embedded applications including voice mail

  • Mobile Extensions at no extra cost

Nec SL1000

NEC-SL1000SL1000 is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication system that is equipped with capability to adapt functions for immediate and emerging business needs, covering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small offices, home offices (SOHOs).SL1000 is equipped with rich Built-in functions that improve the employees’ communication environment, contributing to save the Total Cost of Ownership.SL1000 provides Hybrid ports, realizing seamless integration of multiline terminal, single line telephones, facsimiles, and more without complex settings.SL1000 provides Hybrid ports, realizing seamless integration of multiline terminal, single line telephones, facsimiles, and more without complex settings.

  • Room monitoring from outside

  • Warning Message during night mode

  • Remote Inspection, with auto-emergency call

  • Sensor Connectivity with auto-emergency call and warning message sending

  • Built-In Auto Answer

  • (Standby mode) during night mode

  • TDM/IP Coverage

  • ISDN Compatibility

  • Voice Mail Integration

  • Paging Announcement

  • Programmable Function Keys


Nec Pbx Dubai